Stronger When We

Grow Together

Here at urbanXtracts, we know the hemp industry is an agricultural initiative. Therefore, our approach is to empower farmers. We do so by providing education, proprietary genetics, and processing services to aid farmers in optimizing their crops. That way, they can focus on their craft; working with plants to cultivate the best yields possible. 


Our farming partnership is located in the black dirt region. Known for its extremely rich, fertile soil, the region was created from an ancient glacial lake bottom augmented by decades of flooding off the Walkill River. Growing in these soils ensures lush, healthy plants that possess vast cannabinoid profiles high in CBD and low in THC.

Grow with urbanXtracts 

Purchase our clones directly and start growing.  

We sell tested and proven genetics to farmers at wholesale. Our TANGERINE and NEW YORK ROYAL clones are propagated in the State of New York.


Meet Our Cultivars (Strains)

Our propagation is done in-house through the traditional cut-cloning method from the mother plants.
These genetics were chosen specifically for the region and to thrive in New York’s climate.
Why Grow With Us?

We believe we’re stronger when we grow together. Our unique ecosystem is tailored to set farmers up for success.


We believe in supporting our farmers and developing relationships built on trust and integrity. From planting to extracting, we are in a perfect position to empower our community.

Tested & proven genetics specifically formulated for the tristate area.

Plants that are proven to prosper in the humid, New York climate.

Farming partnerships located in the renowned black dirt region; known for its lush, nutrient-rich soil.

Several business models that provide access to services like our sale of genetics and revenue sharing.

Farming support every step of the way for our partners. 

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