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Grow with urbanXtracts 

Use our hemp clones in your next grow!

Purchase our hemp clones directly and start growing.  

We wholesale tested and proven genetics to farmers.

Our Tangerine and New York Royal clones are propagated in the State of New York.


New York Royal

  • Cross between “Tangerine” and “Peyton Princess” strain.

  • Bred to thrive in New York’s climate.

  • Rigorous growth habit.


30:1 CBD/THC ratio.

New York Royal

Meet Our Cultivars
Our propagation is done in-house through the traditional cut-cloning method from the mother plants.

These genetics were chosen specifically for the region and to thrive in New York’s climate.


  • Heavy Indica

  • Bright, fresh aroma with bold, citrus undertones.


35:1 CBD to THC ratio.



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