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urbanXtracts is a full-service licensed grower and processor of cannabinoid products founded in 2018 that has been steady growing since the establishment of its eighteen thousand square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the town of Warwick, New York. The company ecosystem includes the growing, processing, developing and marketing of high-quality diverse products under the urbanXtracts label as well as for third parties. urbanXtracts is currently expanding to include a four thousand square foot cultivation facility, a thirty thousand square foot agriculture processing facility as well as other future planned facilities to create a self-sufficient community on the 19.5-acre campus site.

Our Vision

urbanXtracts’ vision is to develop a transparent, inclusive and sustainable Cannabis industry ecosystem by investing in state-of-the-art infrastructure, being actively engaged in promoting Cannabis culture as a productive part of society and by providing a business platform for farmers, co-manufacturing partners and small & minority owned retailers to advance the emerging New York Cannabis industry together.

Our Mission

urbanXtracts’ mission is to build and operate a sustainable ecosystem to support the emerging Cannabis industry in New York and beyond. This is accomplished through urbanXtracts’ commitment to its robust ESG program focused on environmental stewardship through sustainable cannabis production practices and the establishment of green manufacturing facilities, social equity through local community engagement, providing new jobs and training programs, shared resources and adherence to transparent, open governance.

How It Started

CEO and Founder Eran Sherin had the vision to create a new seed-to-market enterprise for the Cannabis industry. In his search for a suitable location to start the business, he was introduced to the Black Dirt Region and partnered with local farmers to begin growing hemp. During that time, an opportunity arose with the local municipality to redevelop an old barn that was part of a former NYS school established by Eleanor Roosevelt in the 1930s. With invaluable support from the Town of Warwick and Town Supervisor Mike Sweeton, urbanXtracts is now expanding the project footprint to include additional facilities to create a special destination in southern Orange County for the Cannabis industry.

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