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urbanXtracts is a boutique cannabis company located in Warwick, New York, offering a comprehensive seed-to-market ecosystem that includes the Cultivation, Processing, Manufacturing, and Distribution of high-quality cannabis and hemp products. Since its inception in 2018, the company has been producing premier products for brands using state-of-the-art techniques including Ethanol extraction to Distillate and Solventless extraction to Rosin. urbanXtracts is fully compliant with NY State laws and aligned with the New York Office of Cannabis Management to ensure that our cannabis products are produced and marketed in a responsible and safe manner.

img urbanXtracts main facilities at Warwick, New York
img CEO & Founder Eran Sherin with Warwick Town Supervisor Mike Sweeton

Our Background

In partnership with the Town of Warwick and with an economic redevelopment grant provided by the Orange County IDA, urbanXtracts has revitalized an old barn on the site of the former Orange County correctional facility which was originally built as a NYS reform school established in the 1930s by Eleanor Roosevelt. The redeveloped barn is the company's current state-of-the-art manufacturing complex spanning eighteen-thousand square feet. Today, urbanXtracts is expanding its footprint with a new four-thousand square foot greenhouse and outdoor cultivation area, as well as additional education and training facilities. The aim is to establish a unique destination for the cannabis industry in New York, building on the special legacy of the site and the region.

Our Mission

urbanXtracts is on a mission to establish and maintain a sustainable ecosystem that supports the emerging cannabis industry in New York and beyond. The company places high priority on environmental responsibility, social equity, and transparent governance through its ESG program. With a business model that supports farmers, co-manufacturing partners, and small and minority-owned retailers and dispensaries, urbanXtracts strives to drive the growth of the emerging cannabis industry together with its partners with the ultimate goal to create a sustainable future for the entire industry.

img The urbanXtracts team
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