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UrbanXtracts offers services to licensed cultivators who are looking for proven genetics to grow. These cultivators can find a selection of options and choices by partnering with urbanXtracts. The available options include cultivars for fresh frozen harvests, cultivars for dry biomass for distillate extraction, cultivars for smokeable flower, cultivars for Hemp and Cannabis-derived Hemp, and more. Genetics will be available for the 2023 grow season, so please contact us for further information.



At urbanXtracts, we believe that successful cannabis cultivation requires a multifaceted approach that involves careful maintenance, training, fertilization, and harvesting techniques. Our expert cultivators use a wide range of these systems to achieve specific production goals, resulting in high-quality, top-performing strains that are tailored to your unique needs.



urbanXtracts offers a wide range of genetic solutions to help you optimize your cannabis cultivation operations. Our expert team provides access to rare and hard-to-find varieties of strains, clones, and seeds, along with custom breeding programs to help you develop your own unique strains as well as staying on top of the latest research and developments in cannabis genetics.

Cutivars for the 2023 grow season will be available starting May 2023. Contact us for more information and pricing