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 New York Prison Locked Men Up For Drugs. Now the Site Will Grow Marijuana.

by Leslie Brody | May 31, 2021 

WARWICK, N.Y.—Until closing a decade ago, a sprawling state prison in this town northwest of New York City locked up men convicted of drug offenses and other crimes.

Now Warwick aims to turn what was a medium-security complex in Orange County into a bustling regional hub for growing and processing cannabis. Its entrepreneurs hope to cash in on the state’s move this spring to legalize recreational marijuana for adults...

Warwick CBD production gets major flavor infusion...

by Mid Hudson News | Oct. 28 2020 

Warwick – Until now, New York State did not allow CBD to be infused in food and drink, but with a change in the rules, the production business on a former state prison site in Warwick will see a major boost.

State Senator Jen Metzger (D, Rosendale) told a briefing at the Warwick site on Tuesday that the new guidelines from Albany will mean growth for the CBD industry...

Sen. Metzger, Town of Warwick, Orange County IDA, and Hemp Industry Leaders Announce Major ...

by Jen Metzger | Oct. 27 2020 

The draft regulations based on the legislation and released last night by the NYS Department of Health allow for CBD-infused beverages and foods. At the press conference, urbanXtracts, Rogowski Farms, and Hillview Med announced...

Key Takeaways:

  • “Now we have the rules of the game, and now we know what we’re shooting for,” said UrbanXtracts CEO Eran Sherin, while discussing the opportunities associated with the local manufacturing of hemp, allowing for scale and creating Orange County jobs.

Ep 284 – Building A New York Hempire -


by Matthew Kind | Nov. 25 2019 

In today’s ever-evolving hemp and cannabis space, Eran Sherin has set out on a mission to empower farmers, processors, manufacturers, and developers through a unique, New York-based hemp ecosystem known as urbanXtracts. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Inside look at urbanXtracts & what the company offers as a seed-to-sale hemp service provider

  • How urbanXtracts was awarded licenses to grow and process hemp in New York

Closed Mid-Orange Correctional Facility buildings bring new business to Warwick



George Sewitt, Sr. VP of UrbanXtracts talks about re-using the buildings on the site of the former Mid-Orange Correctional Facility in Warwick.

More regulation on CBD products a relief for these New York hemp companies

by Liz Young | Sep. 9 2019 

After New York lawmakers passed new regulations on the hemp industry this year, Allan Gandelman sees more opportunity — not less — for companies like his.

Gandelman believes it's a chance for growers and processors in the state to stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. 

"If we do this right, and we protect New York farmers and we protect New York processors," Gandelman said...

CBD Accelerator to fund Warwick hemp production project at former Mid-Orange Correctional facility

by Roger Gavan | Feb. 6 2019 

WARWICK — The Orange County Industrial Development Agency's Accelerator plans to establish a $2.1 million branch for the production of the hemp compound CBD (cannabidiol) at the former Mid-Orange Correctional facility.
"This project, with its connection to our farm economy and potential to spur numerous entrepreneurs," said Town of Warwick Supervisor Michael Sweeton, "has the potential to transform our area similar to what dairy did in the early 20th century."

Hemp services provider to begin construction at former prison site

by Roger Gavan | June 6 2019 

UrbanXtracts, a hemp services provider and a subsidiary of NY Hemp Source, a full service seed to market, whole plant hemp extract cultivator, processor and product developer/producer, will soon begin construction on a new facility at the former Mid-Orange Correctional facility.
UrbanXtracts will be responsible for designing and operating the facility as well as providing and installing the processing equipment and implementing its food quality...