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Pine Island Funk (P.I.F.)

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SherbBreath x MOB) x (GG4 x ThinMintz)
Balanced Indica Hybrid

Origin: Hudson Valley, New York
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Unique to the Catskill region, Pine Island Funk holds traits of a true Northeast yielder. Funky white grape smell on blue tinted nugs, this gassy stank plant grows exceptionally fast and is easy to maintain. Her strength, resilience to illness and microbial insufficiencies, and quality holds her legacy accountable.

Yield and Use

Expect big outdoor and greenhouse flower yields with the Pine Island Funk. Getting its name from the lush Pine Island-Black Dirt region of Upstate New York, this purple and blue monster reaches up to 3lbs of smokable flower, per plant when trained properly. Performs great at low temperatures and rarely rots in September. Great against root rot and mildew of all kinds. Great Hash maker, with over 3.5% average rosin yields, making this an all-around biomass powerhouse when mono-cropped, without sacrificing competitive quality.


Fruity and funky with a cherry wine / sour-white grape smell. Stellar blue and lavender tinted nugs dripping with THC results above 20%, sun grown; Pine Island Funk. Effects come with a Long lasting, clear, and executive high with therapeutic qualities. A full spectrum extraction from this material, would result in some very potent products.

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