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Brand: urbanXtracts
Category: Concentrates
ProductStylus (Dablicator)
Strain Type: True Pineapple - 1G
uom: Gram
Weight: 1
Total THC: Total THC: 81.60% Total THC: 816.02mg
Total THC Per Serving: Total THC Per Serving: 40.80mg
Total CBD: Total CBD: <2.00%  Total CBD: <20mg
 Total CBD Per Serving: Total CBD Per Serving: <20mg

Cannabis Distillate, Cannabis Derived Terpenes.

Lot NumberD-STY-UX-041223-TPI
Manufacture Date: 4/12/2023
Packaged Date: 4/27/2023
Expiration Date: 4/27/2023
Use By: 6 Months After Opening
Solvents: No Residual Solvents. Ethanol used in extraction.  No Allergens.
Usage Instructions: Twist, Click, Dispense. Vaporize or Add to Flower. Store in a Cool, Dry Place.
Manufactured by: NY Hemp Source, LLC 43 John Hicks Drive Warwick, NY 10990 OCM-AUCP-22-000009

The flower used in this product was grown in New York, U.S.A


The flower was then packaged or further extracted in our cGMP facility.


This product was manufactured and distributed from Warwick, NY


All prducts are tested by 3rd Party Labs to assure safety to the consumer.


The urbanXtracts Stylus utilizes technology from The Dablicator Oil Applicator. The Stylus (Dablicator) is the easiest, most versatile way to dispense cannabis oil. A heat-resistant metal Direct Dab Tip™️ dispenses oil without the mess and waste, directly onto any bowl, piece, product, or even finger. Clean, compliant, NY grown and processed distillate is third party lab tested for compliance, potency, and safety and paired with 100% cannabis derived terpenes. Reintroduction of naturally occuring Cannabis Terpenes to distillate provides a robust experience that is as close to the full plant as possible. The Stylus is an excellent choice in the concentrate catagory as it provides an easy introduction for novice consumers and a level of convienence that even the most experienced customers can appreciate. The 100% cannabis derived terpenes in this stylus are extrcted from True Pineapple, a cannabis strain known for its fruit centric aroma with more subtle notes of citrus, gas, and pine. The effects from True Pineapple are generally experienced as uplifting but also focused and not overly stimulating. True Pineapple is a great choice for any time of day when alertness and focus are the goals.

FDA DISCLAIMER: This product is neither reviewed nor approved by the State of New York, and has not been analyzed by the FDA. There is limited information on the effects of using this product.

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