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Genetics are the keystone of commercial cannabis and we’ve strived to obtain the highest quality cultivars since our inception in 2018. In the beginning, that meant sourcing unique licensed proprietary genetics specifically bred for the region that not only captured the desired terpene and cannabinoid profiles, but were also farm bill compliant. As the industry expands, we’re hard at work preparing for a future of exciting extracts and a new wave of exciting genetics bred right here in the Hudson Valley, NY in the Black Dirt Region.

Propagation is done in house through the traditional clone-cutting method from mother plants. Partnering with farmers in the black dirt soils, our cultivars are specifically bred to flourish in New York’s tri state climate.

With a rigorous growth cycle, Tangerine is a heavy indica with a bright, fresh aroma.

Our New York Royal cultivar is a cross between Tangerine and ‘Peyton Princess’.