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Real Experiences from Real People

Carolyn B

I love having the option of a natural pain remedy that I can get locally rather than having to turn to big pharma for high toxicity medications eith multiple side-effects. These products and the customer service are amazing. I'm definitely a repeat customer

Marty Turan

The oil drop is excellent for night time sleep and if you don’t have the cream you can use the oil on aching area of body and still relieves pain. But I do use the 1000mg ice topical cream for pain and it is exceptional. Drop is great for my insomnia and the cream is great from the aches and pain I get time to time from playing soccer and active work lifestyle.

Justin Matsil

I’ve been using CBD products for slightly over 2 years. Mostly as a night time sleep aid. This is by far the best product I’ve had the supreme pleasure of using. The flavors cut the taste and the product it’s self is the most powerful and effective I’ve ever tried.