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(JackTheRipper x OrangeVelvet) = Agent Orange
Sativa Dominant Hybrid

Origin: The Frost Factory, Maine
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Ayo (Agent Orange) produces a healthy canopy of sativa dominant, flowers dripping with trichomes and smelling of fresh squeezed OJ; an ideal early finisher for the northeastern outdoor season.

Yield and Use

Due to her thin leafy structure and wide canopy of manageable sized buds, Ayo can provide an average 1-3 lbs. of high quality, northeast outdoor flower, per plant. The nuggets dry and cure to become sparkling bright green and magenta buds, caked with resin. Her cannabinoid results hit the high 20-30% marks. This classic flower stays in the competition. Along with her TOP SHELF flowers, Aye-O is best known for her HASH MAKING ability. Producing up to 7% Rosin from FreshFrozen material, Ayo is a keeper in the lab.


Ayo can be one of the most rigorous and giving plants in your garden. She is easy to clone, mold/mildew resistant, and yields ward winning productivity. Awake, creative, and motivating; this hybrid strain will have its user content with an effect that generates traditional sativa like endorphins. A true HASH QUEEN; an eastern staple.

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