Core Team at Farm

About Us

urbanXtracts Inc. is located in the premier Black Dirt farming region in Warwick, New York. We designed a vertically integrated supply chain that supports entrepreneurs in New York's hemp market. We empower brands, farmers, and processors through our unique, shared ecosystem. 

CEO and Founder Eran Sherin had a vision to support the industry from every angle. With his hand-selected team, he has created a system that supports the supply chain from seed-to-sale. Through this, we incubate innovation by providing farmers with proprietary genetics and developers with the usage of our state of the art processing facility. Our new space will boost our local economy by providing new job opportunities. 

We seek to inspire integrity within the hemp space by offering an ecosystem that empowers our partners and makes a difference in consumers' lives.
Whether you want to grow, process or develop, urbanXtracts is the integral ecosystem that sets your brand apart.

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